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Storage for Small Kitchens

Small Kitchen

Increase storage in a small kitchen by installing cabinets, open shelves, hooks and pegs in places that often get overlooked.

Dishware Storage Tips

  • Store dishware, glassware and utensils near the dishwasher or sink for ease in setting the table and washing.
  • Use open racks to store plates vertically or glass-door cabinets for an eye-catching look.
  • Show off dishes with wall-mounted plate hooks to create decorative displays as well as storage space.
  • Turn glassware upside down, and hang from a rack under existing cabinets to keep clean while freeing up space.
  • Fit drawers with adjustable dividers to organize and store flatware.
  • Store cooking utensils near food-preparation areas, such a divided drawers or hooks, for easy access.
  • Utilize over-the-door space by hanging a shelf and displaying dishes or china.

Pots and Pans Storage Tips

bakers rack
  • Store oversized pots and pans in deep drawers with roomy storage.
  • House lids in shallow drawers where they can easily be found.
  • Suspend a hanging rack from the ceiling to display and store pots and pans. Make sure the rack is high enough above the stove to prevent grease from coating them.
  • Inset a lazy Susan or pullout shelves in bottom cabinets to safely store bakeware and ceramic dishes.
  • Store trays and baking sheets upright with dividers to make better use of narrow spaces.
  • Create extra storage space for pans and cutting boards by installing a drawer in the toe-kick space between the cabinet and the floor.
  • Place rows of tension curtain rods inside a cabinet to keep baking sheets and serving trays well organized.

Small Appliance Storage Tips

tambour door
  • Keep items you use every day at hand on the counter or above it.
  • Store items used less frequently in base cabinets with a lazy Susan for easy removal.
  • Attach items, like microwaves, coffee makers and can openers, under a cabinet if possible.
  • Build a minigarage for appliances by framing the area between the bottom of the cabinet and the countertop, and fit it with a bifold door or tambour door.

Cookbook Storage Tips

  • Store cookbooks and recipe cards in a food prep area for convenience.
  • Keep cookbooks on open shelves or in built-in storage areas of your island.
  • Install a hanging cookbook rack under a cabinet to prevent stains from spills.
  • Organize individual recipe cards into plastic sleeves that can be bound in a notebook and stored with other cookbooks.
  • Bring a bookcase into your kitchen, and top with a stone surface, such as granite, for cookbook storage as well as additional counter space.

Table Linen Storage Tips

  • Store linens in an armoire or chest.
  • Allow air to circulate freely.
  • Keep tablecloths and napkins in the dinning room to make more room in the kitchen.

Food Storage Tips

  • Organize your pantry with slide-out shelves.
  • Provide enough space for smaller items, like spices and oils, so they don't get lost.
  • Store canned food in a cool, dry place. Discard it if it hasn't been used within two years.
  • Store staples, like flour and sugar, in airtight canisters with labels.
  • Divide your panty into zones for different items to keep organized.
  • Add adjustable shelves to customize your pantry.
  • Install roll-out shelves in deep or narrow spaces.
  • Attach a tiered door rack on the back of the panty door to increase capacity.
  • Free up counter space by using drawer bins or baskets to store larger items.

Cleaning Supply Storage Tips

  • Install slide-out utility baskets so that items don't get lost in the back of deep cabinets.
  • Insert an undersink storage shelf that fits around plumbing.
  • Keep sponges and scrubbing brushes in convenient tip-out trays at the front of your sink.
  • Drape dishtowels and rags on hooks on the inside of cabinet doors.
  • Mount paper towels under a cabinet near the sink.
  • Mount hangers designed to hold brooms and mops in a narrow cabinet or closet.
  • Fit a cabinet with a rolling shelf to allow easy and discreet access to a trashcan.