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Storage for Small Bathrooms

Storage for Small Bathrooms

Maximize countertops and storage space in a small bathroom with mounted towel bars, built-in shelves and free-standing storage units.

Storage Tips

bathroom shelves

Mount towel bars or pegs to free up shelf or closet space. Towel hooks and rings can also be installed on the back of doors and cabinets.

Install built-in shelves where wall space is available. Wasted space between wall studs can be used for installing recessed closets or open shelving. Utilize the entire space by building shelves from floor to ceiling.

Install built-in drawers to maximize wall space without sacrificing floor space. Well-designed drawers can conceal items of various shapes and sizes, while adding architectural interest to your bathroom.

Add free-standing storage, such as a chest of drawers or armoire, to store linens and toiletry items.

Replace a pedestal sink with a vanity for maximum storage and drawer space.

Stack baskets for easy storage with style. Baskets help organize toiletries into groups, such as cosmetics, hair care and oral hygiene, for easy access.

Give your bathroom a face-lift with an updated medicine cabinet. These dual-functioning mirrors are great for storing moistureproof items you frequently use.

Use a storage caddy to alleviate use of the bathtub ledge. Caddies can hang from the showerhead, stand in the corner or hook over the shower door.

Fill a basket with toilet paper, or tuck extra rolls under the sink.

Repurpose a slender coat rack from your front entry as a towel rack in tight corners.

Assemble modern shelving with plenty of storage that takes up less space. Oversized baskets and boxes add a uniform look, while discreetly hiding personal items.

Hang a kitchen storage unit in your bathroom. A metal rod with hanging accessories can just as easily be used to store cosmetics as it can kitchen utensils.

Convert a chest of drawers into a vanity with a sink. The drawers offer plenty of storage space, while creating an interesting focal point for your bathroom. Protect wood from possible water damage by applying a coat of polyurethane.

Make use of over-the-toilet space by installing shelves or racks above the commode. Leave enough room to remove the lid for toilet repairs. 

Install pullout shelves for easy access to narrow spaces. This will also help to keep things organized and clutter-free.