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Guide to Soil and Mulch

  • Mulch


    Common gardening product that helps soil retain water, nutrients and a consistent temperature.

     - Controls weeds
     - Reduces yard work
     - Adds beauty
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  • Potting Soil

    Potting Soil

    Soil formulated for hanging baskets, window box gardens and indoor and outdoor containers.

     - Rich in nutrients
     - Kills and prevents weeds
     - Blend of rich organic ingredients
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  • Inground Planting Soil

    Soil for Plants

    Ideal for newly planted ornamental trees and shrubs, vegetables, herbs and color gardens.

     - Boosts plant performance
     - Nutrient rich
     - Enhances moisture for plants
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  • Lawn Soil

    Soil for Your Lawn

    Just what you need to get your new lawn off to a healthy start.

     - For seeding and sodding
     - Repairs bare spots
     - Promotes root development
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  • Soil Amendments

    Soil Enhancers

    Enrich your soil by adding amendments that provide a better environment for roots.

     - Improves properties of soil
     - Helps hold in nutrients
     - Organic and inorganic available
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