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Shop-Vac Shop Vacuums

Shop-Vac: The Original Wet / Dry Vacuum

Leave your floors and carpet spot-free with heavy-duty Shop-Vac shop vacuums, fully prepared to handle any mess, wet or dry.

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Shop-Vac 2.5-Gallon Shop Vacuums

2.5-Gallon Shop-Vac

Clean up small wet or dry messes with the powerful but portable 2.5-gallon shop vacuum from Shop-Vac.

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Shop-Vac 4-Gallon Shop Vacuums

4-Gallon Shop-Vac

The Shop-Vac 4-gallon vacuum is small and lightweight but can handle spills, dirt and other clutter.

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Shop-Vac 5-Gallon Shop Vacuums

5-Gallon Shop-Vac

This heavy-duty 5-gallon vacuum comes with a top handle for easy mobility and a versatile collection of accessories for any cleaning task.

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Shop-Vac 6-Gallon Shop Vacuums

6-Gallon Shop-Vac

There's plenty of power in the all-purpose 6-gallon wet / dry shop vacuum to handle messes around the house or in the shop. Plus, blow debris out of the way with the rear blower port.

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Shop-Vac 10-Gallon Shop Vacuums

10-Gallon Shop-Vac

Blow dust and debris out of the way with the strong but quiet 10-gallon shop vacuums or handle any mess efficiently with 7-foot hoses and versatile cleaning kits.

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Shop-Vac 12-Gallon Shop Vacuums

12-Gallon Shop-Vac

Transport the Shop-Vac 12-gallon vacuum effortlessly with its dolly and top and side handles. The rear blower allows you to quickly clear dirt and debris from your garage, shop or factory.

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Shop-Vac 14-Gallon Shop Vacuums

14-Gallon Shop-Vac

Even the toughest messes are no match for Shop-Vac 14-gallon shop vacuums, which also feature a varied set of accessories.

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Shop-Vac 16-Gallon Shop Vacuums

16-Gallon Shop-Vac

Oversized transport handles and rear wheels on these 16-gallon vacuums make maneuvering large volumes of dirt and water effortless.

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Shop-Vac 20-Gallon Shop Vacuums

20-Gallon Shop-Vac

Save the biggest, toughest jobs for the 20-gallon shop vacuums, boasting some of the greatest Shop-Vac features but for even larger areas.

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