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Rustic Holiday Mailbox

Add interest to your mailbox by draping burlap across the top, and tie a loose bow underneath. Finish the look with live holiday garland and a few pinecones from your yard. Wrap sisal twine around a group of pinecones to secure them to the burlap bow.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Rough Cost Estimate: $30 (Does not include applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of the mailbox and post.)

Rough Time Estimate: 1/2 Day

flower pots Make Christmas bells from terra-cotta planters.


1. Cut a piece of sisal twine to your desired length for each planter.

2. Thread both ends of the twine through the bottom of each planter, and knot the ends three or four times.

3. Use twine to secure the bells to the post at staggering heights.


christmas decorations

Good To Know

Be sure that your decorations do not obstruct the front of your mailbox door or the slot.

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Project Details

  • Materials
    • Mailbox (Solar Group, bronze, #153078)
    • Mailbox post (Solar Group, bronze, #153074)
    • Burlap (#194942)
    • Live garland (#107685)
    • Sisal twine (#66438)
    • Terra-cotta planters (4-inch)

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  • Publish Date: 11/01/2008