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Pick the Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree

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From trees that are pre-lit to those small enough to fit on your table top, it can be difficult to decide which artificial Christmas tree works best for your space, style and budget. Skip the guesswork this holiday season. The Christmas Tree Selector will help you find the tree that's perfect for your lifestyle and budget.

Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

While it may seem like a simple choice, Christmas tree shopping can be a chore. Trying to decide between live and artificial can be challenging. If you'r einterested in a live tree, learn more in our guide.

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History of the Artificial Christmas Tree

Before the use of Christmas trees in the United States, German settlers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, decorated wooden tree-shaped pyramids with candles and evergreen boughs.

The first artificial Christmas trees were created in Germany using large, dyed green feathers attached to wire branches. With no needles to shed, this was an invention with many possibilities.

In the United States, the Addis Brush Company started creating artificial trees using the same machinery and animal hair as it did to make its bristle toilet brushes. These trees were sturdier than and not as flammable as feather trees.

Chicago-based Modern Coatings, Inc. developed and manufactured fireproof aluminum artificial trees. The trees featured a color wheel at the base which projected light up to the tree.

The negative portrayal in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” led to a decline in sales of the once highly popular aluminum artificial Christmas trees.

Most artificial trees are mass-produced from 100% recycled plastics. A growing trend is trees that come with attached lights for even more convenience — a necessity during the busy Christmas season.