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Nursery Plant Guides

  • Annuals


    Plants that germinate and bloom within a single season. Bright in color and easy to maintain.

     - Good for containers, window boxes or beds
     - Bloom all season, until frost
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  • Perennials


    Perennials live for multiple seasons and provide year-round color.

     - Come back each year
     - Provide year-round interest
     - Includes: Azaleas, grasses and trees
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  • Edibles

    Fruits, Vegetables and herbs

    Consists of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are grown for cooking, canning, and eating.

     - Healthy and nutrient-rich foods
     - Saves you money
     - Spices up your meals
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  • House Plants

    House Plants

    Caring for indoor houseplants is a fun hobby that's great for brightening up any space.

     - Perfect for decor
     - Bloom all year
     - Fight indoor pollution
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  • Decorative Trees


    Perennial hearty plants that reduce energy expenses, increase curb appeal and accent gardens.

     - Inexpensive providers of shade
     - Creates a private backyard
     - Perfect for border fencing
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  • Shrubs


    Standing alone, or serving as barriers, shrubs play an essential role in landscaping.

     - Attracts birds
     - Creates privacy screens
     - Survives the winter
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  • Flowering Bulbs

    Flowering Bulbs

    Varying in color, bloom size and type, flowering bulbs brighten any home landscape.

     - Require little garden area
     - Many bulb varieties
     - Thrive in various garden beds
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  • Ground Cover

    Ground Cover

    Try as you might, sometimes grass just won't grow. If this is the case, try using ground cover.

     - Prevents erosion of soil
     - Grows in shade
     - Minimal care and pruning
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