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Masonry and Cement Products Buying Guide

Masonry project with concrete mix

The first step to a good masonry project is choosing the right product. But, with such a wide selection how do you decide? Use our guide to put your project on a firm foundation.


Concrete is normally used as a structural component in building projects.

   Concrete Mix 
  Pre-blended combination of cement, 
  sand and gravel.
   Must be used in conjunction with
   rebar or wire remesh.

   Use for applications greater than 2"
   thick. Good choice for walks, steps
   and pads.

   Fast Setting Concrete
  A special blend of fast-setting 
  cements, sand and gravel.
   Sets hard in 20-40 minutes. No
   mixing required when setting posts.
   Pour dry mix into hole and soak
   with water.

   Use for applications greater than 2"
   thick. Good choice for setting posts
   and making small pads when fast
   set times are desired. Improves
   efficiencies on commercial fence
   and deck installations.

    Crack Resistant Concrete Mix
   Pre-blended combination of cement,
   sand, gravel and synthetic fibers.

   Contains fibers to reduce drying
   & shrinkage cracking. Provides
   increased durability and impact
   resistance. Eliminate the need
   for wire mesh in slab on grade

   Use for applications greater than 2"
   thick. Good choice for walls, walks,
   steps and pads. Use in areas that
   are subject to high impact such as
   driveway aprons.

    High Strength Concrete
   Pre-blended combination of cement,
   sand, gravel and additives.

   Special additives provide high early
   strength. Mix achieves 5000 pounds
   per square inch (psi) strength within
   28 days.

   Use for applications greater than 2"
   thick. Good choice when high early
   strength is required, for cold weather
   pouring or as a base for heavy objects
   or equipment. Sets in 10-12 hours.

   Sand/Topping Mix
   Pre-blended combination of cement
   and Sand (no gravel)
   High strength mix that provide a
   creamy texture ideal for trowling to
   a smooth finish.

   Use for applications from 1/2" to 2"
   thickness. Can be used as an
   overlay when repairing and topping
   damaged concrete. Use as a base
   for laying flagstone and paving

   Portland Cement
   Common ingredient in concrete
   and mortar.

   Acts as the bonding agent for
   concrete and mortar. Must be
   mixed with sand and gravel to
   make concrete.

   Good choice for large projects or
   custom field mixing.

   All-Purpose Sand

   Common ingredient in concrete
   and mortar.

   Must be mixed with cement and
   gravel to make concrete.
   Can be used as an underlayment
   and filler for paving brick and stones.

   All-Purpose Gravel
   Common ingredient in concrete.

   Must be mixed with cement and
   sand to make concrete.
   Can be used in landscaping.

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Mortar acts as a bonding agent for brick, block and other building materials.



   Mortar Mix 

  A blend of Type N masonry 
  cement and graded sand.
   Good adhesive properties and
   workability. Type N Mortar.

   Good choice for laying brick and
   block, grouting stone or brick pavers
   and repairing mortar joints. Use for
   above grade applications.

    Blended Mason Mix
   A contractor grade blend of Type S
   masonry cement and graded sand.

   High strength, contractor grade,
   pre-blended. Type S mortar

   Use for structural masonry
   applications both above and below
   grade. Ideal for block walls, tuck
   pointing, stone veneers and columns.

   Cement Type N Masonry 
  Common ingredient in mortar.

   Acts as the bonding agent in mortar.
   Must be mixed with sand and water
   to make mortar mix.

   Can be used for laying brick and
   stone veneer in non-load bearing

   Cement Type S Masonry
   Common ingredient in mortar.

   Acts as the bonding agent in mortar.
   Must be mixed with sand and water
   to make mortar.

   Can be used for laying brick, block
   or stone in load bearing applications.

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Coatings are used to weatherproof and protect masonry structures.



   Surface Bonding Cement

  Pre-blended combination of fine 
  sand, fiberglass and Portland 
   Good adhesive, weather and water
   resistant properties.

   Waterproofs and strengthens porous
   masonry walls. Rehabilitate existing
   cracked or damaged walls. Can be
   used for new construction of dry-
   stacked (without mortar) cement
   block walls.

   Heavy Duty Masonry Coating
   Pre-blended mixture of portland
   cement, waterproofing agents
   and sand.

   Formulated to withstand moisture

   Weatherproofs and seals masonry
   for both above grade and below.
   Good choice for interior or exterior
   use. Use for Basement walls,
   retaining walls, ponds or swimming
   pools. Available in white or gray.

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Patches are used to fill cracks and holes in masonry applications.


   Concrete Resurfacer
  A special blend of Portland
  cement, sand, polymer modifiers
  and other additives.
   Excellent bonding characteristics
   and fast set times. 6-8 hour walk-
   on time, 24 hour drive-on time.
   Provides a new surface to old,
   unsightly, structurally sound

   A repair material designed for
   making thin repairs to sound
   concrete in need of surface renewal.
   Can be applied from 1/16" to 3/8"
   thickness. Use as a broad coverage
   product on driveways, sidewalks,
   pool decks or patios to make old
   concrete look like new.

   Crack Sealer

   Ready-to-use liquid latex.

   Good adhesive, weather and water
   resistant properties.

   Good choice for sealing cracks in
   walks, pads, driveways or steps.

   Vinyl Concrete Patch

  Pre-blended combination of
  exterior grade vinyl resin, fine
   sand and Portland cement.
   Strong adhesive and weather
   resistant properties.

   Use for making smooth repairs to
   cracked or chipped concrete floors,
   sidewalks or steps. Designed to be
   applied from 1/16" to 1/2" thickness.

   Hydraulic Cement
  Pre-blended combination of fine
  sand, Portland cement, calcium,
  and quick setting additives.
   Rapid setting high strength repair
   material designed to plug leaks
   instantly in concrete and masonry.
   Sets in 3-5 minutes.

   Use for blocking running water or
   leaks in cracked masonry or
   concrete surfaces. Can be used on
   swimming pools, foundations and
   sealing around pipes.

   Anchoring Cement 
  Pre-blended combination of
  cement and additives.

   High strength pourable cement.
   Expands as it sets to fill holes and
   create superior hold. Sets in 10-30

   Used to secure bolts, posts and
   other anchors in existing masonry

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Masonry Accessories

Masonry Accessories make working with concrete and mortar easier.


   Form Tube
  Reinforced corrugated cardboard.

   Rigid fiber building form tube
   eliminates the need to build wood

   Forms post and columns below and
   above grade.

   Expansion Joint
  Resilient cane fiber strips.

   1/2" x 4" weather resistant fiber
   strips designed to prevent damage
   during expansion and contraction
   of concrete.

   Provides space for concrete pads
   to expand and contract. Controls
   cracking. Use between concrete
   slabs and between slabs and

   Liquid Cement Colors
  Ground mineral pigment.
   Colors concrete or mortar through
   and through.

   Good choice for coloring new
   masonry. Available in Red, Buff,
   Charcoal and Brown.


  Reusable plastic mold.

   Various patterns available: Country
   Stone, Running Bond Brick,
   European Block and Basket Weave.

   Used to create patterned paths,
   patios and courtyards. Add liquid
   cement colors for a custom finish.

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When working with masonry products always wear goggles, a dust mask and gloves.