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Make a Fruit Bowl From Wood Dowels

Create a fun fruit bowl using wooden dowels and hot glue with these step-by-step instructions and how-to video.

Craft Your Bowl

Step 1

Use a trapezoid-shaped container turned upside down as a mold. Decide how tall you'd like your basket (ours is 9 inches high). Using a hand saw, cut four dowels to your desired length. Tape them vertically to each of the four corners of the container.

Step 2

Cut four dowels a few inches longer than the base of the basket. Hot-glue them to the four corner dowels to form the base of the basket (the dowel ends will rest on top of each other). Don’t glue the dowels to the container.

Step 3

Cut the remaining dowels to a variety of lengths to build the sides and base of your basket (you want irregular pieces). Play with the spacing and angles as you gradually build up the sides. Once you’ve found your ideal arrangement, hot-glue the dowels in place.

As the basket takes shape, be sure you have enough dowels to support whatever you’ll be putting in the basket. There’s no wrong way to do it — play with the dowels until you get the look you like!

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner

*Time and Cost are estimated.