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Make a Custom Serving Tray From Wood and Tile

Impress your guests with a gorgeous serving tray that you can make yourself. It's easy to build, and it will be handy for entertaining.

Build Your Serving Tray

This serving platter can be customized with wood or tile, different stain, different handles and embellishments.

Step 1

Cut two 12-by-2 tiles to 9-by-12.

You can have a Lowe’s sales associate cut the tiles for you in store.

Step 2

Drill holes in the ends of the tiles for handles.

Step 3

Turn the tiles upside down, and attach the side and end supports with epoxy.

Step 4

Attach the feet with epoxy.

Step 5

Make sure all of the pieces are dry. Flip the serving tray over to attach the edges and sides of the tray.

Place pieces of scrap wood beneath each corner so when you attach the sides with epoxy, you create a lip.

Step 6

Protect the tile with painters tape, and apply clear finish. Apply three coats, sanding in between.

Step 7

Attach the handles of the serving tray with screws.

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner

*Time and Cost are estimated.