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Install Garage Insulation

Insulate Your Garage

´╗┐More and more homeowners are using garages as extensions of their living space, as children's play areas, workshops, hobby areas, laundry rooms and more. As the activity in the garage increases, so does the need to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in this space.

Getting Started

Garage Door Insulation

If you find yourself sweating unbearably while working in your garage in the summertime, or tip toeing across the freezing floor to move your laundry over in the wintertime - you need insulation. Adding insulation will not only help maintain a comfortable temperature, but it will also buffer noise.

When shopping for insulation, you want to go with an R-value. Check with a Lowe's associate if you're unsure which R-value works best in your climate. For the attic, walls, and crawl space, you can use the same techniques that you would use in the rest of your home to increase the comfort level in your extended living space. But, there is one more, often overlooked, space in your garage where you can increase insulation value and energy efficiency — the garage door.

What to Look For

R-value map

A quality garage door should have:

  • Good insulating qualities. Look for a door with an R-value of at least 5 in moderate to temperate climates (zones 1, 2, and 3). In harsher climates (zones 4 and 5), go up to an R-value of 10.
  • Weather seal between the sections. The seal may be designed into the mating surfaces of the panels, or it may be in the form of gasket material that compresses when the door is closed.
  • Weather stripping. If the door doesn't come with a bottom seal standard, add one to help keep drafts and rain out.


There are several garage door insulation kits available that you can use to reinforce the insulation in your existing garage door. If you would like to replace your garage door, take a look at our selection of insulated garage doors to explore your options.

Use the map and below chart to determine the R-values for your region:

 Zone Roofs Walls Floors
 1 R49 R28 R25
 2 R49 R22 R25
 3 R49 R18 R25
 4 R49 R18 R25
 5 R49 R18 R25
 6 R49 R18 R25