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How to Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a great option for closets, large and small, and other interior doors. Bifold doors open wider for greater access, take up minimal space and give rooms a nice, finished look. Follow a few simple steps to install bifold doors in your home.

Tools & Materials

Use this checklist when you go to the store and purchase your items.

Preparing to Install Bifold Doors

Bifold doors operate differently than jamb-hinge household doors. Bifolds work with a bracket on the floor and a track and snugger guide assembly along the top of the closet header, which allows the folding movement.

Measure the exact width and height of the opening into which you'll install the bifold doors. A closet opening that’s 36 inches wide will require a single two-panel bifold door. Wider closets require at least two two-panel units.

If painting your doors, paint them before they’re in place. The process is similar to painting cabinets.

Installing Pivots and Brackets

If installing the bracket on a carpet floor, you can remove the carpet and padding where the pivot bracket will be positioned. Or add a wood block or other shim material to lift the bracket above the carpet, and then secure the bracket with screws.

Step 1
install roller pivot

Set the top pivot in the top hole on the pivot door, and tap it into position with a hammer.

Step 2

Set the guide pivot in the hole on the guide door, and tap it into position with a hammer.

Step 3

Set the bottom pivot in the bottom hole on the pivot door, and tap it into position with a hammer.

Step 4
jamb bracket

Locate the jamb bracket on the floor so that it's in line with the track.

Step 5

Drill pilot holes in the jamb and the floor for installation of the jamb bracket screws.

Step 6

Install the jamb brackets with screws.

Installing and Adjusting the Door Panels

Step 1

Place the top pivot in the pivot hole, slightly lift the door, and then seat the bottom pivot in the jamb bracket.

Step 2
fitting pivot to track

Insert the snugger guide into the track.

Step 3

Depress the guide pivot to fit inside the track.

Step 4

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adjusting the door panels. For most installations, the procedure is:

To adjust the height:

1. Lift the door out of the jamb bracket.

2. Rotate the bottom pivot to raise or lower the door to the proper position. Be sure the panels clear the floor.

 To make the door plumb:

1. Lift the door and set the bottom pivot so you have the appropriate gap along the jamb at the bottom.

2. Check the gap at the top with a tape measure.

3. Loosen the screw in the top pivot bracket, adjust the position and retighten.

If you’re installing a second set of bifold panels, install it following the above steps.

To install the door pulls:

1. Make a mark about 36 inches from the floor, centered on each guide door.

2. Drill the holes.

3. Attach the door pulls with screws.

If installing two two-panel bifolds, next install aligners that allow the center two door sections to meet in the middle.

1. Close the doors.

2. From inside the closet, mark a line on both doors about 12 inches from the floor.

3. Hold each aligner on the mark and attach with screws.