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Install Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

A great landscape can add pleasant curb appeal to any home. But did you ever think about showing off your beautiful yard at night? With landscape lighting, you’ll give your home and yard a luminous glow and catch the attention of anyone passing by.

Assemble the Lights

Locate the GFCI outlet on the outside of your house.

Lay the power pack nearby but don’t plug it in until the lights are hooked up.

Assemble the light fixtures according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before beginning any excavation, check for underground utilities. Call the North America One Call Referral Service (just dial 811) for a national directory of utility companies.

Place the Lights

Place the lights in their final positions according to your plan.

Lay out the cable.

Connect each light to the cable with a cable connector – leave 10 feet before connecting a light or splitting off in different directions.

Project Steps

Dig a narrow trench up to three inches deep along the cable path.

Make a perpendicular slit where each light will be located to accommodate excess wire and connector.

Push the cable into the trench. Push each light stake partially into the ground to mark position.

Get Connected

Connect the cable to the power pack. Plug the power pack into the outlet to test all lights. Push the lights into the ground and close up the trenches.

Set the controls for automatic on and off times.