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String Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Light

Add holiday cheer to your home with a colorful, well-lit Christmas tree. A simple strand of miniature lights, whether multicolored or single-colored, can showcase your tree and put you in the mood for the holiday. Here are some basic guidelines.

String Your Christmas Tree Lights

Start decorating your tree by stringing the lights first, before decorating with garland and ornaments. If you have a fresh tree, use one 100-light set for each 18 inches of your tree’s height. On an artificial tree, use one 50-light strand set for each 18 inches of tree.

For electrical safety, never plug more than two extension cords together.

Step 1

Untangle your lights, and spread them out on the floor. Plug them in to see if any bulbs need replacing. Most boxes come with a few replacement bulbs.

Step 2

Start a strand that runs from the outlet you’ll be plugging the lights into to the center of the tree’s trunk.

Step 3

Starting from the bottom of the tree close to the trunk, wrap or weave the strand around the bottom branches. For the first row, place the lights about halfway between the trunk and the tip of the branches, taking care to space the rows evenly so the lights aren't clumped together.

Step 4

Use a weaving motion so one light is under a branch and the next light over a branch (under and over). For the second row, place the lights along the edges of the tree limbs.

Step 5

Weave each strand around the branches until you get close to the top.

Step 6

When you reach the upper section of the tree, don’t wrap the lights around as many branches, spacing them a few inches apart so the tree will look evenly lit.

Step 7

If you have any remaining lights, dangle the remaining ones along the back of the tree so ornaments and garland cover them.

Step 8

Plug the last strand of lights into the wall outlet, and enjoy your handiwork.