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How to Plant Sta-Green Grass Seed With Nitro-Fuze™ Technology

The only sweat associated with a beautiful lawn should be on the outside of your lemonade glass. It's easy to achieve perfection without perspiration with Sta-Green grass seed with Nitro-Fuze™ technology.

Three Simple Steps to the Perfect Lawn

1. Prep

Level the ground to be planted for bare spots or new lawn seeding. Then till or rake lightly to loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil. Mow the lawn closely and rake out any debris when reseeding an established lawn. Then loosen the soil in bare or thin areas.

2. Apply

Apply grass seed evenly over the area with either a drop or rotary spreader. Nitro-Fuze™ technology already fuses the appropriate amount of fertilizer directly to the seed. So there's no need for an additional fertilizer application at the time of planting. Cover the seed with dressing material, a maximum of 1/3 inch deep. No dressing material is necessary when reseeding an established lawn. Lightly rake and roll the surface area to assure good seed-to-soil contact.

3. Water

Water immediately after planting, and keep the soil dark with moisture until the grass is visible. Start watering deeply every three to five days or as needed, depending on the weather, when the grass is 1 to 2 inches high. Germination time under ideal soil temperatures varies from seven to 12 days. Begin an annual fertilizer program four to six weeks after planting.

Now that you have the perfect lawn, it's time to sit back and enjoy it. Turn on the barbecue, grab a cold beverage and bask in the warm glow of a job well-done.

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