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Install a Flush-Mounted Floor Register

Install a Flush-Mounted Floor Register

Installing a flush-mounted floor register is not as difficult as you might think. This project only takes a few common household tools, such as a power drill and a hammer. Installing the register before the installation of your new 3/4-inch wood flooring generally takes less than 15 minutes.

Tools & Materials

Use this checklist when you go to the store and purchase your items.

Install Your Register

If you are replacing an existing floor register, be sure to choose a new one that fits your existing duct opening. Simply measure the width and length of the duct opening to determine the correct size to purchase.

Step 1

Position the flush mount frame over the duct opening, allowing even spacing on all four sides.

Step 2

Drill a 5/64-inch pilot hole inside the recessed area of the frame at an angle down into the subfloor.

Step 3

Carefully making sure that the frame has not shifted, use a #6 finishing nail to attach the one corner to the subfloor. Use a nail set to drive the finishing nail into the recessed wood in order not to damage the frame with the hammer.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 so that you have 2 nails per side inside the frame, securing the register to the subfloor.

Step 5

Cut and fit your 3/4-inch wood flooring flush to all sides of the frame.

Step 6

Insert vent cover into the frame.