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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Family Decorating for Christmas

You don't need a large space to make a great impression this holiday season. Whether you're working with a small apartment, a single room or even a corner of a room, a little creativity and planning will go a long way when it comes to decorating your size-sensitive area.

Tips for Getting Your Small Space Holiday-Ready

Get Rid of Clutter

Eliminating clutter is the biggest key to making the most of your space when decorating for the holidays. Don’t clutter your space with unnecessary items. Instead, keep it simple and take advantage of white-space — areas that are free of decorations and everything else. This allows more focus on areas that do have decorations, making your whole space appear neater and more organized. Another rule of thumb is: If you don't use it, lose it — at least until after the holidays.

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Adorn a Mini Tree

A small tree or a tabletop tree might be more fitting for your space. Both can be decorated in the same way you'd decorate a large tree. If you’re putting up a small tree, do a little rearranging so the tree fits comfortably. A tabletop tree can be placed on any flat surface, like an end table, coffee table, desk or countertop. Alternatively, instead of buying a tree, decorate the houseplants you already own with ornaments and lights. Choose decorations that are proportionate to the plant and won't weigh it down.

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Swap in Your Holiday Décor
Unusual Christmas Wreath

Replace one or two of your usual art pieces or statues with one that has a holiday theme. Try something as simple as a candle encased in a beautiful red or green candleholder or a painting with a winter scene. You could even display your own painting or photographs of family and friends from previous holidays. Load up all of your favorite holiday pictures in a digital frame for variety, adding to it as you create more memories. Additionally, the usual display area for your year-long decorations is a good place for a menorah, if you celebrate Hanukkah, or a kinara, if you celebrate Kwanzaa.

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Accentuate the Positive
Stockings on a Mantle

Choose one or two major focus points, like your staircase or fireplace mantel, and drape garland or tinsel and lights, and hang stockings along either area. A large wreath above the fireplace is another eye-catching option, but make sure it’s secured in place so you don’t create a fire hazard. If you don't have a fireplace or staircase, focus on windowsills, doors and bedposts.

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Look for Pintsized Decorations
Nutcracker Decorations

Besides miniature or tabletop Christmas trees, there are other traditional decorations that you can buy smaller versions of, such as stockings, candles, wreaths, tree ornaments and candy canes. Don't overload your area, but if you desire more variety, these mini decorations can be nice ways to mix things up.

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Think Beyond Red and Green
Blue Christmas Ornaments

Surprise your guests with colors that go beyond the usual holiday scheme of green and red. For a wintry feel, try blue and white or blue and silver. Red and brown or red and gold are also combinations that suit the holidays. Complement the colors with traditional decorations to bring the whole look together. Try to coordinate your colors and keep it to only one or two to avoid a messy, unorganized look.

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Top It Off With a Luscious Aroma
Christmas Candles

A room's scent can make or break its atmosphere. Choose one fragrance, such as apples and cinnamon, pumpkin spice or peppermint, that helps you get in the holiday spirit. Place a scented candle, container of scented oil or potpourri, or an incense stick in the area of your space that will give it the greatest chance of circulating. A candle or a bowl of potpourri can add to the visual holiday ambiance. Lastly, bake a sweet potato pie or make some cider — these and other delicious holiday treats will aromatize your small space and treat your tummy. Avoid having more than one or two scents floating around in your air so you don’t overwhelm yourself or your guests.

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