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Grilling Guide

Grilling Guide

Factors, such as outside temperature, wind, humidity, altitude, size and thickness of the meat, affect your cooking times and temperatures. Use a meat thermometer to determine if food is done.

Quick Guide to Grilling

Times and temperatures shown below are only a guide. Don't forget to preheat your grill for 15 minutes on high with the hood down.


Control Setting

Cooking Times

Special Instructions and Suggestions

Steaks: 3/4" Thick



5 to 7 min. per side

Remove excess fat. Salt after grilling.

Hamburgers:  ¾" Thick


4 to 5 min. per side

Use lean meat only. Season after grilling.

Hot Dogs

Medium (on grill or high on shelf)

5 to 7 min.

Select large-size  wieners. Slit skin before grilling.

Pork Chops: ¾" Thick


8 min. per side

Remove excess fat. Select medium-thick chops.

Pork Loin: Boned

High (on shelf)

10 min. per side

Salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

Pork Sausage

Medium (on shelf)

4 min. per side

Take precautions against excessive flare-ups.

Spare Ribs

High 5 min; low to finish

15 min. per side; turn often

Select lean, meaty ribs. Grill until meat pulls away from bones.

Lamb Chops

High 5 min; medium to finish

7 min. per side

Remove excess fat. Select extra-thick chops.

Chicken Parts

Low (on grill or medium on shelf)

20 min. per side

Coat with butter and paprika. Turn once after 20 to 25 minutes. Grill meat side first.

Fish (1 lb.)


8 min. per side

Brush with butter. Season and wrap in foil.

Lobster: Fresh (1.5 lbs.)


15 min. per side

Brush with butter. Season and wrap in foil.

Shrimp: Raw Shelled


2 to 3 min. per side

Marinate in Italian dressing overnight in the refrigerator. Brush with garlic butter and wrap in foil.



45 to 60 min.

Wrap in foil. Puncture with a fork.



20 to 30 min.

Brush with butter and wrap in foil.



20 to 30 min.

Cut or score surface. Season and brush with butter. Wrap in foil.

Frozen Vegetables


20 to 30 min.

Add butter and a small amount of water in heavy foil packet.



5 min. per side (2 sides)

Cut meat in 1-inch cubes. Marinate and place on skewers with vegetables. Parboil onions and peppers prior to placing on spit.



30 to 45 min.

Place on cooking shelf on lowest level. Cover with lid or foil.

Italian Sausages or German Sausages


6 to 8 min.

Place on cooking shelf.