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Improve your home's value and appearance with a well-defined garden.

Tools & Materials

Use this checklist when you go to the store and purchase your items.

Create New Garden Beds

Step 1

Use a garden hose, flour, string or another nontoxic substance to mark the lines before you begin making any cuts.

Step 2

Insert the blade of the garden spade vertically between the lawn and the edge of the garden bed.

Step 3

Step on the foot press of the spade, and drive the blade about 3 inches into the ground.

Step 4

Make a second cut at a 45-degree angle so that it meets the bottom of the vertical cut.

Step 5

Lift out the sod that has been created by the two cuts, and toss it into your wheelbarrow.

Step 6

Repeat steps 1 through 3 until the entire edge has been cut.

Step 7

Take the resulting chunks of grass and soil from your wheelbarrow and fill in low areas of your lawn, or place it in a composter.

Step 8

Use a round-point shovel or tiller to remove the remaining sod within the body of the bed or turn it over.

Decorative Options for Garden Bed Edges or Walkways

  • Consider using wrought iron, stone or fence edging to create a decorative border to your garden bed.
  • Easily tap any of the three types of edging, which have interlocking pieces, into the ground with a rubber mallet.
  • Add an element of elegance to any house or lawn with walkway lighting.
A garden spade can edge straight lines or curves and can be used to dig.

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