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Browse dishwashers on Lowes.com or at your local Lowe's store. Work with a Lowe's sales associate to plan your install project and select the right dishwasher for your home and budget.


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Call 1-866-678-2761 or visit your local Lowe's store to discuss your dishwasher needs with a Lowe’s customer service associate.


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Sit back while professional installers perform the work in a timely manner. Enjoy your completed project. Your satisfaction's guaranteed.

Dishwasher Installation

Satisfied Customers

Call 1-866-678-2761 during business hours, Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. to
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Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Our dishwasher installation services received an average rating of 96% from thousands of installation customers surveyed.

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Lowe's Dishwasher Install

Choose a built-in dishwasher, drawer dishwasher or portable dishwasher from Lowe’s for your kitchen. Consider an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher to conserve energy and save money. Check out our Dishwasher Buying Guide to find a dishwasher for your needs.