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DIY Spice Rack Solutions

Organize Your Spices

Creating your own spice rack is an easy project. Having your spices organized will make cooking more fun and efficient. Explore some solutions for your spices with these quick tips.

5 Spice Rack Ideas

Under-the-Shelf Magnetic Storage
Clear out some counter and cabinet space with this smart solution to make the most of unused space beneath your shelves. Affix magnets to the tops of your spice jars and under the shelf where you’d like to store your spices. Not only will your spices be handy when you’re cooking, but the jars will be attractive and colorful in your cooking space.

Built-in Shelves
Put up a small shelf to hold your spice collection. Spice bottles are tiny; so small, wasted spaces can easily be converted into your spice rack.

Wall-Mounted Magnetic Storage
Affix a sheet of metal in the area where you want your spice rack, and glue magnets to the lids of your spice jars. Purchase a set of matching, clear-glass spice jars to add a bright burst of color on your kitchen wall. You can also attach magnetized spice containers to your refrigerator.

Crafty Baskets
Use the berry baskets from last summer’s farmer’s market adventures to collect your spices. Find tall, thin containers with lids that you can label, so you can easily identify the contents. You can move this spice rack around easily, or stow it away in a cupboard.

Back-of-the-Door Solution
Mount a small shelf on the back of a cupboard or pantry door. Consider using acrylic to build these shelves, so you can easily identify your spices.