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DIY Hanging Pot Rack

DIY Pot Rack

This do-it-yourself (DIY) version of the hanging pot rack is a quick and easy weekend project. Free up cabinet space, and add to your décor with this easy-to-create hanging pot rack.

Pot Rack Instructions

This pot rack is just a pair of spacer blocks between two strips of oak. The pacers create a slot for eyebolts and S-hooks that can be adjusted to suspend your pots and pans as needed.

Step 1

Cut two strips of oak to 36 inches. Trim off a 1-1/2–inch-long spacer block from the end of each strip.

Step 2

Apply glue to both faces of each spacer block, and insert them between the sides, flush with the ends. Apply clamps and let dry overnight.

Step 3

To strengthen the joint, drill a 1/2-inch-diameter hole ¾ inches in from each end. Brush glue onto a pair of 2-1/4-inch-long dowels, and drive them into the holes.

Step 4

Sand the completed rack with 150-grit sandpaper. Fill any gaps with wood filler. Apply two coats of polyurethane and allow to dry.

Step 5

The rack is suspended via four eye screws, S-hooks and a utility chain cut to the desired length. Put two screw eyes into the rack’s ends; screw the other two into the ceiling joist.

Step 6

Insert the eight eyebolts upside down into the slot in the rack, and add a washer and nut.

Step 7

Slip the S-hooks through the screw eyes and chain, and hang the rack. Add the S-hooks into the eyebolts, and hang your pots and pans. When you’re happy with the placement, tighten the eyebolt nuts.

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner

*Time and Cost are estimated.