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This centerpiece is versatile and stylish for year-round use; you can change the display according to the season. Follow these instructions to create your own multitasking planter.


Rough cost estimate: $16 (per planter)


Rough time estimate: 45 minutes (not including drying time)


wooden shims

Step 1

You will need 38 wooden shims to cover the planter. Measure and mark 1 inch in on the thinner end of each shim. Use scissors to cut off the 1-inch sections. Four of these shims will be used for the corners of the planter; cut one end into a point using scissors.

caulk gun

Step 2

Using a caulk gun, generously apply silicone sealant on the front of the window box. Then attach the wooden shims with the thickest part placed under the planter’s rim. Repeat for the three remaining sides of the window box (you’ll use 34 shims to cover the planter’s sides). Allow sealant to dry. Apply a strip of sealant at each corner of the window box, and attach the four remaining shims to cover the corners. Allow sealant to dry.

spray primer

Step 3

Apply two coats of spray primer, allowing each coat to dry. Apply three coats of spray paint, allowing each coat to dry.

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Project Details

  • Materials
    • Window box (24-inch, #44256)
    • Spray primer (Valspar, White)
    • Spray paint (Valspar, Mustard Seed)
    • 3 packages of wooden shims
    • Paintable silicone sealant (#180781)
  • Tools and Reusable Supplies
    • Caulk gun
    • Utility scissors
    • Tape measure
    • Pencil