Lowe's Home Improvement

Create a Window Box for Any Season

Change out the plants in your window box to keep it looking fresh and beautiful all year.

Customize Your Window Box for the Season

Find a window box that is 6 to 8 inches deep and includes drainage holes.

Fill the box about 2/3 full with a good potting soil mix.

Add a small evergreen tree to the box to provide a good focal point that will stay green throughout the year.

Spring Window Box

For spring, add hardy flowers like pansies that can withstand low temperatures. Perennial herbs like chives and plants like parsley will also last during the spring.

Summer Window Box

Remove the pansies, which will wilt during the summer. Replace them with petunias and geraniums that love the summer heat and will bloom all season.

Fall Window Box

Remove the summer annuals, and replace them with hardier flowers, like asters, mums or pansies again. The evergreen tree and herbs should stay and will last through the fall.

Winter Window Box

All the plants except for the evergreen tree should be removed. Cut evergreen boughs and add ornaments and pinecones for a beautiful window box throughout the winter.

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