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Closet Solutions

Transform the closets in your new home! Whatever kinds of closets you've inherited there are smart home storage organization solutions to enhance and expand your existing space.


Sort through your clothes, and place items into three classifications: "Trash," "Donate," and "Keep."

Inventory What's Left

  1. Analyze items to figure out the best place for storage.
  2. Group your clothes by season, length or style. Next, use a tape measure to get the length and width for each group of clothes.
  3. See what items need to fit in your closet, and accurately gauge what kind of storage space you need.
  4. Sketch your ideas. Read the following for design ideas based on your type of closet.

Organizing Reach-In Closets

If your closet has only a single door, consider enlarging the opening and replacing the door with a pair of wider bi-fold or sliding doors. They allow easier access to the entire closet.

Use clear plastic bins to store smaller items and accessories on your shelves. If you don't already have shelving, you may want to install a narrow shelf or two.

Maximize closet space by using two rods, one above the other. You will eliminate wasted space between clothes and the floor. Longer items, like dresses and long skirts, will need to hang on a single, higher rod. Use over-the-door hangers or floor units for your footwear.

Helpful Hint: Prepackaged kits are usually more economical than buying individual components. These kits typically include everything you need to do a 5- to 8-foot wide, reach-in closet. You can also buy extra components and shelving, if you need it.

Organizing Walk-In Closets

Like a reach-in closet, replacing a single door with a double door, and installing two rods (or double rods) can be great enhancements.

You may also have space for other features like built-in drawers, customized cubbies and pullout baskets.

There are many different ways to store shoes in walk-in closets. You can organize your shoes in built-in cubbyholes, on specially designed shelves.

Organizing Kid's Closets

Keep a kid's closet simple, fun and easy for kids to maintain. By establishing a cleaning regimen for your child, you'll set the stage for a more organized room.

Labeled bins can help children learn to sort their toys. For a child's closet, use two rods, one above the other. Kids should be able to reach the bottom rung. Use the top rung for out-of-season clothing.

Helpful Hint: Keep a special basket in the laundry room to set aside clothes your kid has outgrown.

Putting It Together

With your sketches and measurements in hand, go to your local Lowe's store. Look at all the styles of shelving and components available to see which one will suit your needs.

Types of Shelving

Most likely, you will choose from three materials for your shelving:

  • Coated Wire: Wire products are typically the least expensive option. They are easily customizable with accessories and add-ons.
  • Wood: Solid wood shelving is beautiful, but costs more and can require more skill to install.
  • Melamine: Melamine is similar to wood, but less expensive.

Calculating Rod Measurements

For installing a combination of single and double rods, it'll help to know standard heights:

  • For a typical closet, the upper rod should be about 82" from the floor.
  • The lower rod should be about 42" above the floor.
  • For exact spacing, measure your longest items, including the hanger, and add 4".

Tips for Installing Wire Shelving

You can also buy wire shelving by the linear foot. The store will cut it to the size you need. Be careful to buy all the components from the same manufacturer, because many are not interchangeable.

Look for wire shelves with continuous sliding rods. These rods allow hangers to move uninterrupted across the entire bar. You will also find some shelves without rods called linen shelves. Linen shelves sometimes come in a style with closer mesh that is great for kitchen pantries.

Installation of most shelves only requires a drill, screwdriver and hammer.

Visit your local Lowe's for more closet organization solutions, or read more tips in our Home Organization section.

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