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Closet Case

Closet Case

Many dorm closets don't have doors, so hide your jumbled clothing and storage bins in style with pretty shower curtains. You and your roommate can use the same colors and patterns, or choose complementary styles to reflect your individual tastes. For this project, you'll need two curtains for each closet.

Tools & Materials

Use this checklist when you go to the store and purchase your items.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Measure the length of one shower curtain, as well as the distance from the floor to the height at which you’ll hang the curtain. Be sure it’s high enough to hide the top closet shelves from view.

Step 2

From the bottom of a separate, contrasting shower curtain, cut a panel of material that will be long enough to cover the gap between the first shower curtain and the floor. We recommend leaving a few extra inches. You can save the remaining shower curtain material for other dorm room projects.

Step 3

Fold the cut edge of the panel slightly under. Stitch or hot-glue the panel along the bottom of the full shower curtain.

Step 4

Mount a tension rod just inside the closet.

Step 5

Hang the finished curtain on the tension rod with shower-curtain hooks.

Project Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time: 6 Hours*
    6 Hours
    One Day
    2-3 Days
  • Cost: Under $50*

*Time and Cost are estimated.