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Build a Walkway with a Precast Mold

Precast Mold Walkway.

A walkway beautifies and defines your landscape. It also cuts down on wear to your lawn. Using concrete and a mold, you can create a convenient and inexpensive walkway that resembles cobblestone or brick.

Laying the Walkway

The 2-foot by 2-foot mold is reusable, making it a practical and economical choice. You can mix and pour the concrete in a few hours, with additional time needed for the concrete to cure.

Avoid contact with skin when using freshly-mixed concrete or mortar. These materials can cause severe burns. If the skin is exposed to the products directly or through wet clothing, wash with fresh water. Remove soaked clothing immediately. Always wear a dust mask, eye protection, rubber boots and rubber gloves.

Step 1

Lay out the perimeter of the walkway and drive wooden stakes into the ground at each corner.

Step 2

For professional results, remove one inch of sod. Save the sod you remove and use it to fill in gaps once the walkway has set. If you plan to use the sod later, set it aside in a cool place and water.

Step 3

The mold comes with directions on how much concrete you need based on the length of walkway you're creating. Mix the concrete, adding color to make the walkway resemble cobblestone or brick. Follow the manufacturers' instructions for the concrete and color.

Step 4

Wet the mold with water before you begin adding concrete.

Step 5

Beginning in one corner of the walkway, lay the mold in place.

Step 6

With a bucket or trowel, fill each cavity of the mold with concrete. The concrete should be level with the top of the mold.

Step 7

Smooth the surface with a trowel.

Step 8

In about five to ten minutes, lift the mold. You're ready to do the next section.

Step 9

Butt the mold against the first section and continue building your walkway. By rotating the mold one-quarter turn each time, you create a variation in the pattern.

Step 10
Rotate mold.

For curves, butt the outside corner of the mold to the existing walkway. Turn the mold to align with the curve. The mold will overlap the existing concrete on the inside of the curve.

Step 11

Press the mold down, cutting into the existing concrete. Fill the mold with concrete.

Step 12

Remove the mold and blend the combined castings, eliminating cut lines.

Step 13

Position the mold and pour the remaining sections.

Step 14

Sprinkle sand or dry mortar mix on top of your walkway after it is set. Brush it into the joints with a broom.

Step 15

Mist lightly with a garden hose.

Step 16

Place six-mil plastic sheeting over the concrete for two to three days to prevent the surface from drying too quickly and cracking.

Step 17

After your walkway has cured, protect its finish with a concrete sealer. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for application. The sealer forms a tough, water-resistant finish that is virtually unaffected by the elements.

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