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Bend Wood With a Jig

Learn how to bend wood using a jig with this helpful how-to video. A jig is a form that allows you to apply the pressure necessary to create bends in laminated wood and to hold them in place until the glue dries.

Complete Woodworking Projects Using a Jig

Step 1

Attach the backer along the back of the melamine shelf.

Step 2

Attach the two bending blocks to the face of the shelf.

Step 3

Laminate the wood together.

If you're bending multiple pieces of wood, mark reference lines. Use thin, flexible wood.

Step 4

Lay the laminated wood on the jig with the two ends touching the angle blocks.

Step 5

Pull the wood back toward the backer, and put a clamping block in place and tighten slowly with a clamp.

Step 6

Add clamps to each end of the clamping block. Add clamps to the angle blocks.

Step 7

Let dry.