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Advantages of Brushless Motors

Advantages of Brushless Motors

Brushless power tools are designed for longer battery life, increased durability, higher power-to-weight ration and advanced settings.

Traditional Motors vs. Brushless Motors

There are countless advantages of brushless motors in your power tools, but the most compelling include:

Increased Durability

The low-friction operation of brushless motors releases less heat, which makes your tools last longer.

Longer Battery Life

Enjoy up to 50% increased run time per battery for more work with less downtime.

Increased Power and Performance

You'll love the greater power and enhanced performance that results from improved electrical efficiency and power transfer.

Higher Power-to-Weight Ratio

This smaller mower produces more power, so you'll experience a lighter tool due to the greater efficiency of power transfer.

Traditional Motors

Brushless Motors

Carbon brushes contact the motor to complete the circuit and power the tool.

A microprocessor controls the current flow through the motor.

The brushes wear and occasionally need maintenance for replacement.

There are no carbon brushes, which prevent maintenance and unexpected downtime.

Mechanical contact of the brushes on the motor cause electrical loss, frictional resistance, heat buildup and contact wear, all of which rob the motor of performance and decrease durability.


There's minimal heat and motor wear due to lack of mechanical contact on the motor. This vastly improves electrical efficiency and power transfer.


A mechanical contact trigger system controls the increased and decreased flow of electricity to the motor, which causes further electrical loss and wear.


An optical trigger switch communicates with the microprocessor, providing a more responsive variable speed actuation and wear-resistant trigger assembly.