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Credit Terms and Conditions

84 Months
Special Financing*

Ask for 84 fixed monthly payments at 5.99% APR until paid in full with minimum purchase of $3,500.*


*Offer is not automatic and must be requested at time of purchase or order. Applies to any Lowe's® Consumer Credit Card in-store purchase or order of $3,500 or more.

Not valid online at Lowes.com. Cannot be combined with 5% Off Every Day offer or other credit‐related promotional offers. Interest will be assessed on promo purchase at a reduced 5.99% APR until promo is paid in full, and fixed monthly payments are required on each promo purchase balance.

Each fixed monthly payment will be approximately 1.4604% of the initial promo purchase. However, your minimum monthly payment calculated pursuant to the standard terms of your credit card agreement will continue to apply, and may result in a higher required payment and paying the promo purchase in less than 84 months.

Regular account terms apply to non-promotional purchases. For new accounts: Standard APR is 24.99%. Minimum interest charge is $1.00. Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for their applicable terms.

Offers are subject to credit approval. Excludes Lowe's® Business Credit Accounts, Lowe's® Project CardSM Accounts, all Lowe's® VISA® Accounts and Lowe's® Canada Credit Accounts. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of these offers at any time.

ESTIMATED PAYMENT INFORMATION WHEN YOU ASK FOR 84 FIXED MONTHLY PAYMENTS AT 5.99% APR UNTIL PAID IN FULL. The fixed monthly payment shown should allow you to pay each promo purchase balance shown in full within 84 months from the date the purchase is charged to your account assuming: (A) This balance is and will be the only balance on your account during the promotional period, AND (B) You make your monthly payment by the due date each month. If you have any additional balances on your account, the monthly payment applicable to those balances will be added to this payment and may impact how payments are applied to this promotional purchase.