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Make Your Range Energy Efficient

Make Your Range Energy Efficient

Although the energy needed for cooking is generally small compared to other appliances in the home, it can still be used efficiently. Our innovative ranges make it easy to cook up energy savings every time you’re in the kitchen.

Types of Ranges

Gas Ranges

These heat up pans and food more quickly than electric ranges. They also offer better cooking control.

Electric Ranges

An electric oven turned on for an hour at 350°F only uses 2 kilowatt-hours of electricity, costing just 24 cents.

Convection Ranges

The heated air in these ovens is continuously circulated, reducing required temperature and cooking times, and cutting energy use by about 20%.

Self-Cleaning Ranges

More insulation offers higher efficiency. Selected ranges have speed-cleaning settings that use half the energy of normal cleaning cycles.

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Range

1. Use the right cookware. Flat bottoms, straight sides and tight-fitting lids allow food to heat up more quickly and cook more efficiently.

2. Match the pan to the burner. When using an electric cooktop, a six-inch pan on an eight-inch burner can waste more than 40% of the heat produced.

3. Start food on higher heat. Then switch to a lower setting to finish cooking. Use retained heat for cooking when possible.

4. Keep it clean. Burner pans blackened from heavy use absorb a lot of heat, reducing burner efficiency. When clean, more heat can reflect up to the cookware.

5. Use residual heat when self-cleaning. Use the self-cleaning feature after cooking a meal, and it will use less energy to heat up.