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10 Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Kitchen Image

Little changes to your kitchen can yield big improvements in its look, convenience and storage capacity. Update your kitchen with budget-friendly, do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling ideas like painting cabinets, upgrading appliances or adding storage.

1. Deep Clean All Surfaces and Appliances

Whatever its current condition, your kitchen should get a thorough cleaning before any updates are made. Begin by:

  • Dusting ceilings and the exhaust fan
  • Wiping down walls and cabinets, including cabinet interiors
  • Scrubbing all surfaces, including hidden corners
  • Dismantling light fixtures and wash fixture covers and globes
  • Pulling appliances away from the wall and cleaning behind and under them
  • Scrubbing appliances inside and out

2. Paint the Cabinets

Freshly Painted Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are ugly but structurally sound, painting them is an economical improvement that can brighten the entire room.

3. Remove a Few Cabinet Doors

Create open kitchen storage that's convenient to use and easy on the eyes. Simply remove your cabinets' dated or damaged doors, fill any holes, sand and paint the remaining frame — and get ready to show off your most attractive dishes and cookware.

4. Embellish a Few Cabinet Doors

Who says kitchen cabinets need to be painted or stained? Think of a door — especially upper cabinet doors — as a canvas for your creativity. Cut out wood panels with a jigsaw and then add glass, wire or metal mesh inserts. Affix wallpaper to portions of the doors or apply a specialty finish like chalkboard or magnetic paint.

5. Replace Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls ImageYou dress up a bland outfit with cool jewelry, and you can do the same to unremarkable cabinets. Embellish with new knobs and pulls to add personality and style.

Take a sample of current knobs, pulls or hinges when shopping for replacements. This ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your existing cabinets.

6. Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

If you haven't shopped for faucets in a few years, you'll be amazed at the variety of designs and features available — everything from lifetime finishes to electronic controls.

The Lowe's Plumbing Department sells dozens of smooth-working faucets, many with integrated sprayers, water-saving designs and conveniences like built-in soap dispensers.

7. Update Your Appliances

Refrigerator Buying GuideIf your appliances work well but look dated and dingy, have them professionally repainted. Or, save money by painting them yourself with appliance spray paint that's available in the Lowe's Paint Department.

If you're saddled with old appliances, now is a great time to start upgrading them. Today's appliances are far more energy efficient than those made just 10 years ago, so you'll be saving money as well as getting new features and a better performance.

8. Revamp Kitchen Lighting

Install Recessed LightingCooking is much more pleasant with good overhead lighting that washes the room in white light. Task lighting — such as pendant lights — is also important to provide bright, shadow-free illumination of work stations like the sink, range and food prep areas.

Under-cabinet lights eliminate shadows and make preparing a meal easier and more comfortable. They also create a more sophisticated mood than typical overhead lighting.

9. Boost Your Cabinets' Storage Capacity

Under-Sink Cabinet StorageIt's important to make the most of the kitchen space you have. Fortunately, cabinet storage systems can be built to satisfy your specific needs.

Convenience and ease of use are all important when it comes to storage. Achieve these goals by:

  • Adapting cabinetry, shelves and doors to right- and left-handed users.
  • Making the areas easily visible within any line of sight.
  • Constructing the components to be accessible from a seated or standing position.
  • Keeping the elements simple. Everyone should find them easy to open and reach across with minimal effort.
  • Accommodating difference in hand size and grip strength.

10. Give Your Countertops a Facelift

Kitchen Cabinet ImageReplacing countertops can be a major investment. Make the best of what you currently have by doing the following:

  • Placing a large cutting block in key meal preparation areas. Look for acrylic, butcher-block and bamboo options.
  • Laying ceramic or stone tile on top of your existing countertop.
  • Covering your existing countertop with a durable coating that resembles natural stone. Transformation kits from Modern Masters include everything you need to update your countertops quickly.