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Feed Pond Fish

Feed Pond Fish

Fish food contains all of the nutrients necessary for healthy development and maintenance of goldfish, koi and even aquatic turtles.

Feed Your Fish

It's important to know how and when to feed your pond fish. When the water temperature is over 60°F, you can feed fish two times a day — but only feed as much as they can eat in five minutes. If there's food still floating on the water after five minutes, you are overfeeding your fish, which can pollute the pond and cause problems with the water quality.

When water temperatures drop below 60°F, only feed once per day. The colder temperatures slow the fish metabolism so they need less food. Once the pond drops below 50°F, don't feed the fish. It's normal for pond fish to go throughout the winter without food — they can survive on their body fat. You can resume feeding in the spring.

The best time to feed fish is in the midmorning hours, especially when water temperatures are warm / hot. The worst time to feed fish is late afternoon during the middle of the summer or when water temperatures exceed 85°F and in the evenings. The combination of ponds consuming oxygen at night, fish consuming up to twice the amount of oxygen during digestion and the fact that the warmer water holds less oxygen can make for a lethal combination for fish. It's important that adequate aeration be maintained at all times.



When temperatures are below freezing, be sure that there's a hole in the ice. The fish still need oxygen. If the surface of the pond is completely frozen, the oxygen can't enter the water.