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Toilet Repairs

Leaky, slow-filling, weak-flushing or just plain ugly - learn how to fix or replace a toilet.


Many toilet repairs can be done with a few simple tools and some tips on what needs to be fixed.

Simple Toilet Repairs

Learn all about toilet parts, how a toilet works and common repairs with this helpful how-to guide.

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Fix a Weak-Flushing Toilet

Learn some simple repairs to fix a weak-flushing toilet in this video.

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Replace a Toilet Wax Ring

Replace the wax ring that seals the area between your toilet bowl and drain.

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Replace a Toilet

Learn how to replace a toilet, including information covering measuring, removing and installing a new toilet.

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Test a Toilet for Leaks

Use this simple test to determine if your toilet flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced.

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Toilet Buying Guide

Buying a new toilet is a simple purchase – if you remember some important things.

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How to Fix a Slow-Filling Toilet

Learn how to fix a slow-filling toilet with these simple plumbing tips.

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