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Level Buying Guide

Level Buying Guide

From plumb bobs to laser levels, each one has its own specific application. Use the chart below to choose the right one for your project.

Types of Levels

Type                                    Uses  
  • Finding level or plumb
  • Range from 24" to 72" in a wide variety of material -- wood, aluminum, ABS (high impact resin) or brass encased
  • Leveling appliances, work surfaces or table tops
  • Levels in all directions at once
  • Finding level or plumb
  • Range from 6" to 9", designed to fit in a tool belt or pocket
  • Finding level on guide lines
  • Designed to attach to mason's cord or other string to determine levelness of the string
  • Finding level in cross directions simultaneously
  • Used in precision metal working
Electronic Water  
  • Finding level over long distances
  • Used at distances up to 100' with hose extensions
  • Finding level and plumb simultaneously
  • Used to plumb posts
  • Preliminary surveying
  • Estimating distance
Angle Locator  
  • Finding specific angles or gradient of slope
  • Used to determine fall of plumbing drain pipes
Plumb Bob
  • Finding plumb
  • Normally used to locate posts or align wallpaper
  • Finding level and plumb
  • Auto-adjusts for accuracy

Levels & Squares