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Choose a Washer and Dryer to Fit Your Laundry Room

Choose a Washer and Dryer to Fit Your Space

No one wants to bring home a washer or dryer that doesn't fit into its designated space. Follow these steps to ensure your purchase and installation of these major appliances goes smoothly.

Basics of Planning a Laundry Room

1. Decide where you'll install your new washer and dryer.

You'll need:

  • A level floor with no more than a 1-inch slope.
  • A location that can support the installation of a dryer exhaust system.
  • Hot and cold water lines within 3 feet of washer hookups.
  • A 3- or 4-prong power cord, depending on the configuration of your outlet.

2. Measure the height, width and depth of the area designated for your new washer and dryer.

Here's how to measure:

  • Width: Side to Side — Add 1 inch on each side for air circulation.
  • Depth: Back to Front — Add at least 6 inches to depth for door clearance, dryer vents and hookups.
  • Height: Top to Bottom — For top-loading washers, add at least 20 inches for door clearance.

Details of Planning a Laundry Room

1. Measure everything. Before you buy, make sure your washer and dryer can clear doorways, hallways and other points of entry that will be used to deliver your new laundry set. 

2. Give yourself some elbowroom. Leave at least 48 inches of clearance in front of each unit so you'll have room to walk around the open doors.

3. Leave extra space for future machines. If your washer and dryer need to be replaced one day, you may not find a set with the same measurements.

4. Check the power. Confirm that electrical output, usually 240 volts, is sufficient for the location of your new washer and dryer.

5. Consider a stackable washer and dryer set. They'll use less floor space and can be quite handy in compact laundry rooms or closet laundry facilities.

6. Gas or electric? Double-check the dryer's power source in your laundry room before shopping. You can save considerable time and money by knowing if it's gas or electric.