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Wicked Halloween Wreath

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Add prickly charm to front doors with a wicked glowing Halloween wreath made from plastic gutter screen and orange surveyor's tape.

Wicked Wreath

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

A few hours

Estimated Cost


Tools and Materials


  • Utility scissors
  • Black electrical tape
  • Thin wire, such as florist's wire


  • 14-gauge steel #62931
  • Gutter guard #11632
  • Surveyor's tape #158661
  • Suction cups
  • 24-gauge steel wire #52686
  • "Ghost" outdoor light string

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Halloween ghost lights add flashing fun and spooky sound effects to this edgy wreath.

Step 1

Using utility scissors, cut a 42-inch length of  14-gauge wire.  

Step 2

Using utility scissors, cut plastic gutter guard into four approximately 5-foot sections. Fold each gutter guard section accordion-style and thread 14-gauge wire through bottom of the screens leaving about 1-inch of wire on the inside of ring.

Step 3


Wrap wire ends together to create a circle.

Step 4


Cut orange surveyor's tape into 24 12-inch pieces and tie onto wire circle in between pleats created by gutter guard. You'll want the orange tape to show through the gutter guard.

Step 5

Add ghost novelty lights. Position the ghosts in the gutter guard pleats and secure using 24-gauge wire.

Step 6

Hang wreath using two suction cups with wire hooks.

Step 7

To create the illusion of black ribbon, adhere black electrical tape to the door or wall below the wreath.

Good to Know

You can substitute a wire coat hanger for the 14-gauge wire; overlap the ends one inch and secure by wrapping with 24-gauge wire.