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Central Midwest Gardening: DIY Garden Birdbath

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Every garden needs a birdbath, and it doesn't have to be fancy. Make your own garden birdbath using three terra-cotta pots and a saucer balanced on top.

pot bird bath
flower pots

For years I used a terra-cotta pot saucer on an old stump as a birdbath. The saucer was just the right size for a fat robin or two, but a little too deep for small parties of finches. I made the finches and other little birds feel more welcome by putting a couple of flat stones in the saucer, so they could wade around. This year I'm upgrading the facilities: I made a new birdbath out of terra-cotta pots, with a saucer balanced on top.

painted flower pot bird bath

My new birdbath is made from three terra-cotta pots turned upside down and nested together. The arrangement is very stable. But if you are concerned that the saucer might get knocked off, you could glue it to the bottom of the top pot with waterproof adhesive caulk. If you're inspired you could even paint the pots with the colorful trim paint left over from some other project.

This project requires no skill and no tools: Turn the pots upside down, stack them up, set the saucer on top and add water.

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