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Mountain Gardening: Colorful Houseplants

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Why grow ordinary houseplants when you can add a blast of tropical color and texture to your indoor garden? Here are vibrant plants that brighten any room.

Succulent houseplants
Planter box with flowers

By Jodi Torpey

One of the unusual features in my growing-up home was a wooden planter that ran parallel to the stairs that led to my bedroom. For as long as I could remember, that planter overflowed with English ivy.

The ivy was green and easy to maintain, but I always wished the planter could be filled with something more colorful, like these fuchsias.

Large succulent plant

I promised myself that when I grew up, I’d have an indoor garden filled with beautiful houseplants that had interesting colors and textures. I’ve enjoyed keeping that promise by shopping around for some unusual plants.

Instead of settling for ordinary houseplants, you can add a vibrant touch of the tropics with any of these five colorful characters:

A flowering plant in the bromeliad family is the Neoregelia ‘Carcharodon Variegata’. Its broad, variegated leaves add color to corners where there is indirect but strong light.

Large aloe plant

Another interesting houseplant is Aloe ‘Fosteri’. This spiky aloe is a stemless plant with broad, flat leaves that form on rosettes. Be sure to plant it in a potting medium that drains well.

Yellow orchids

If you’d prefer something colorful minus the spiky foliage, orchids are a beautiful choice. The blooms on the Phalanenopsis orchid are especially long-lasting.

Another orchid, Oncidium, also makes a vibrant statement as a houseplant. Most Oncidium orchids are epiphytes, which means they don’t grow in soil. These orchids grow in loose, well-drained growing media. The plant produces long spikes that feature many delicate flowers.

What houseplant adds the most color and interest to your indoor gardening?