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Flower Napkin Rings

Brought to you by Lowe's Creative Ideas

Add color to your holiday table with poinsettia-theme napkin rings you can make in minutes. Choose Christmas colors or paint them to match your decor.

 Painted flower napkin rings

Project Overview

Skill Level


Estimated Time

Few hours

Estimated Cost


Tools and Materials


  • Parchment paper or waxed paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • 1-1/4-in stainless-steel adjustable clamp, #66196
  • DeWalt plate-joining biscuits, size 0, #356660
  • Cedar balls, pack of 40, #360071
  • Valspar spray paint: Garnet, Bright Red
  • Valspar gloss enamel, Cherry
Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary online or by market. Paint colors may vary slightly from those shown. Availability varies by market for lumber species and sizes.

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Step 1

With the clamps open to their maximum diameter, apply spray paint in the color of your choice or leave unfinished.
Good to Know
If the fabric of the napkins requires a larger ring, experiment with slightly larger sizes such as 1-3/4-in-diameter clamps (#66177) sold in pairs.

Step 2

Paint wooden biscuits in one or a variety of colors. (We used spray paint in Garnet and Bright Red plus brush-on enamel in Cherry.)

Step 3

Apply a small dab of hot glue to one side of a biscuit at the tip and quickly press a second biscuit against it. Then glue a third biscuit at the tip and add it to the assembly. Repeat until you have eight biscuits in a circle.

Step 4

After the glue cools on the final biscuit, place glue at the center of the ring of biscuits and press a cedar ball into place.

Step 5

After the glue dries, peel the paper off the biscuits.

Step 6

Glue the flower to the painted clamp beside the screw.